In a world flooded with and dominated by social media along with numerous other technological and electronic distractions attention spans have often become extremely abbreviated.  Is there a place for Torah, hashkafa and chizuk for people anywhere in this increasingly busy information highway?


Nachi Gordon, a 22-year-old Yeshiva student from Lawrence, New York has found a way.  With the introduction of a daily one minute WhatsApp broadcast known today as Meaningful Minute and subscribed to by many thousands around the world, Nachi has been presenting clips of inspirational talks delivered by some of our leading orators. This includes motivational words from leading presenters like Yossy Jacobson, Paysach Krohn, Rav Gav (Friedman), Manis Friedman, Charlie Harrary and others whose carefully crafted messages of strength and encouragement have changed lives.


Chazal say that words emanating from the heart cannot help but penetrate the heart of those on the receiving end of those words. Meaningful Minute has found a popular and important way to turn those words into a daily reality.

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